The New Bridal

We carry affordable Bridal Jewelry and Wedding Accessories including Belts, Jewelry sets, Earings, Robes, Hair Pieces, and Custom Gowns made to order.
Silver, Gold, and Rose gold Jewelry and Accessories. Budget friendly and our affordable Cubic Zirconium line. 

What am I looking at on line?

       : Its hard to tell the quality of a product and I am a super picky buyer. Anything Marked "Premium" will be our cubic Zirconium line (way more sparkle) the other items will be your classic glass fashion jewelry.

What about colors? 

        : I have done weddings for over 12 years and I have heard every name for colors. If you need help matching a color just email me or leave in comments and I'll make it as close as you can get, were limited to dye lots and materials so it many not be exact. 

Shipping and Delivery times

         : Some items are in stock and available to be over-nighted, but we do sell items very quickly as well as in our physical location. If you are in a rush please contact us first to check on availability. Shipping times are not guaranteed.

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